Aleksandar Draech
Vital statistics
Position Prince
Age 24
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 208 lbs

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Quiet and unsmiling, the oft-ill humored Aleksandar Draech lurks at the back of any event or social gathering, avoiding people. However, behind this dour demeanor lies an obsession with honor, duty and sacrifice, traits bestowed on him by his mentor Sir David Osyck in a cross-national training program, long since cancelled.

Aleksandar is a consummate pragmatist, a tireless worker and a inveterate schemer. Though he loves his brother, he barely tolerates him. He can often be seen as the polar opposite of his brother; he has little to no sense of superiority and does much grunt work and dirty work, is extremely fit, and fights with daggers and a bowblade.

As a child, Aleksandar was picked on by his brother and his brother's friends, leading to a bit of an inferiority complex. He seems to prefer being unnoticed, and his primary motivation is to honor his father's name.

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Aleksandar is exceptionally muscular for his size and easily lifts the massive shields and breastplates of his country, though his expertise lies in smaller arms. He is a trained soldier and adept at using most mid-to-short range weapons and a bow.

Aleksandar is notable for being a capable woodsman due to his time in Falasea with Sir David Osyck, and is an excellent hunter, fisher, trapper and passable cook.

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