Andler Lesotho
Vital statistics
Position Representative of Bank of Jeta, Administrator of Finances (Jeta), Head Monetary Councillor (Golden Empire)
Age 27
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'0
Weight 185 lbs


Characterization Edit

Andler is considered one of the most dangerous men in the world. With patent beauty and seemingly no moral compass, he is extremely seductive to men and women alike, sometimes called the "Blood Rose" or "Rose Thorns" or just simply "Rose" for his preternatural beauty and penchant for the color mauve.

Attributes Edit

Andler is a dangerously handsome man, in the prime of his life. He can pass for a man of double or half his age; his hair is either black or salt-and-pepper, depending on how you look at it, and his features distinct and somewhat exotic. He has straight white teeth, a noble jawline, high and pronounced cheekbones and finely formed features, with distinctively exotic eyes.

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Loyalties/Relationships Edit

Andler's father Jendun Lesotho, though much beloved and well-regarded, was an abusive father prone to drunken fits of rage and lust, abusing Andler and raping his own daughters. Andler grew up cold and calculating with a disinterest in anything save victory and profit, and quickly obtained for himself a position in the Jetarean bank at the ripe age of 13. Meanwhile, his older sister Talia Lesotho helped his father subdue his other younger sisters, a fact for which he has never forgiven them.

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Spoilers Edit

Andler murders his father and older sister, who had been raping his younger sisters, in cold blood.