Brendan Vicarus
Vital statistics
Position King
Age 36
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight 264 lbs

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Brendan is the archetype of the jolly King, seemingly unfettered by his kingdom's troubles and free to do pretty much as he pleases. He enjoys the company of many women, to his wife's dissent, and drinks to some excess. He is fascinated by the apparatus of government, despite frequently shirking duty for some distraction, and likes formalities but despises paperwork.

Brendan is a jolly fellow, with a naturally large(not necessarily fat) stature and an admiration for boldness. While at his castle or around his subordinates, he frequently carries a gavel the size of a mace which he uses to keep order with his frequently unruly subordinates, and is occasionally used to smack those he is particularly displeased with. This tendency has led to his wife secretly replacing the gavel with a padded one on his servant's request, and though they think he doesn't know he is fully aware of the change.

Behind the warm exterior is a devious strategist and an exceptional judge of people, and he uses the latter to avoid having to use the former. He surrounds himself with the best men, often of colliding or strange backgrounds, and is a reigning champion at Castle, a strategy game. Despite all appearances, he genuinely cares for his wife and her well-being, as well as their children, but to say he loves his wife would be a stretch.

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Brendan is a large, well-rounded man with longish unkempt dirty blonde hair, a small nose, and straight lumberjack style-beard. When planning or involved in important matters, he ties his hair back into a ponytail.

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