Bryant Vicarus
Vital statistics
Position Archduke
Age 34
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'0
Weight 170 lbs

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Bryant is a drinker. A heavy one. His alcohol tolerance is very high, but his consumption higher, and he is typically at least partially drunk. His cure for a hangover? Hard liquor, and lots of it.

Aside from the drinking, Bryant is an academic of sorts- though he despises studying, he reads voraciously for pleasure and is fascinated by the mysteries of the modern world. He spends extravagantly on scientific pursuits, including science men, and keeps a rather large retainer for them.

Bryant is generally regarded as a disgrace in public, a fact that is not lost on him. He is actually quite personable and magnetic, but his reputation frequently gets the better of him once his name is introduced. He also has an unfortunate tendency to preach philosophy and casually throws around his title when he feels he isn't getting what he wants.

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