Camryn Alderbech
Vital statistics
Position Lord Alderbech, Royal Prosecutor(Golden Empire)
Age 55
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'3
Weight 175 lbs

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Family Edit

Aldath Alderbech, Adaline Somersech, Stephen Alderbech, Elliot Alderbech, Isolde Alderbech, Anne Alderbech(deceased)

Marital Status: Widowed Edit

Camryn is the oldest member and head of the powerful Alderbech family. Aldath and Adaline are his younger brother and sister, respectively, while Elliot is his son and Stephen and Isolde his nephew and niece. Anne Alderbech(originally Regeld) is his deceased and much-mourned wife.

Faction Edit

Camryn belongs to the Equilibrium faction, a small faction dedicated to the balance of power in the world. His position in the faction his second only to the Chancellor himself, who is never seen, and Camryn's word carries the weight of the Chancellor's power behind it.

Characterization Edit

Camryn is a world-weary, jaded and often tiresome politician, whose primary enjoyment seems to come from irritating other nobles, particularly those in a lower position of them, arrogant, or are in general younger than him. His manners can be described as facetious at best, and are primarily employed in the presence of his few political superiors or to emphasize an insult. Many fear the "crack of his quip", uttered in a dry and scathing tone that has unseated many plans and politicians.

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Camryn is a long-faced, grey-haired man with a prominent hawklike nose. His eyes are a cold stone grey and his stance is always rigid, formal and somewhat menacing.

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