Drake Darkwind
Vital statistics
Position Commandant
Age 30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight 195 lbs

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Sibyl, Terrowin, Markus, Alys, Catrain and Muriel Darkwind

Drake Darkwind is the second son and youngest child of Lord Markus and Lady Muriel Darkwind, both of whom are now deceased. His older brotehr is Terrowin Darkwind, also deceased. Alys and Catrain are his older sisters, both married.

He inherits the ancient castle of the Grimbach from his family, as well as some land.

Sibyl Darkwind (originally Shahtek) is his wife, and from all accounts they have an extremely good relationship. She accompanies him on many occasions and makes Drake smile regularly, which is not a common occurrence.

Factions Edit

Legion- Commandant

As Legion's Commandant, he has singular authority over all operations performed by the Legion.

Characterization Edit

Action. Man of few words and all efficiency. Burning competitive streak, particularly against Shreidos. Family man, but enjoys combat. Exceptionally pain tolerant and willing to endure.

Drake is an effective speaker, but not a trained one, and is ill-equipped to handle political debates and disputes. While compassionate, he has a rather negative predisposition to the weak, particularly the physically weak and emotionally weak.

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Drake is an extremely proficient killer whose favorite weapon is the short sword. Decades of experience and an extraordianary Talent have made him into a singular military force, and he is in his physical prime.

Drake is an above-average strategist noted for pragmatism and ruthlessness, which is put to full use in the Tarnished War. He possesses a fine mind for battle and intrigue, though largely refuses to get caught up in it.

Talent Edit

Drake's Talent is arguably the most powerful in the entire world. The cells of Drake's body can, in the absence of light, dissemble and reassemble elsewhere within a limited range (around 5 feet in daylight, 100 in the dark). In addition, Drake has the ability to generate darkness (by removing and diffusing light), though this pains him greatly.

Drake's combat effectiveness is lowest at high noon, and highest on a moonless night; in full darkness, he is nearly invincible, as he can teleport himself great distances nearly limitlessly, though there seems to be a limit on the number of times he can do so.

Weapon Edit

Drake's short sword _____ is a Malandril sword containing the consciousness of the God of Darkness, Ollet. Though it is practically indestructible, it is rather ordinary in combat with humans. However, it gains strength upon slaying darkness- especially vampires and werewolves, which Ollet considers to be a betrayal and a perversion of her powers by Avakla.

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