Fendrel Draech
Vital statistics
Position Crown Prince
Age 25
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'9
Weight 230 lbs

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Fendrel is a hedonistic, lazy, pleasure-seeking man. He exercises and abuses the rights of his position to get women, lavishes them with gifts, and then discards them. He is a bit of a bully, picking on those in no position to fight his desires (which are many, as he is the crown prince). He keeps a harem, and particularly loves adding poverty-stricken girls to it.

Fendrel is immediately offended if anyone threatens his rank or legitimacy, or questions his rights as Crown Prince. He holds his father in the utmost respect, and marginalizes his brother, who he largely considers irrelevant. While he does not actively shirk work, he largely accomplishes little, as his other pursuits consume the majority of his time.

Fendrel projects an air of supreme disinterest and arrogance, but is deeply insecure. He frequently wonders who he is besides the Crown Prince, and the fact that he cannot or will not answer the question scares him and bothers him in equal amounts.

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Fendrel is overweight and fairer-skinned than his family from too much time spent indoors. He possesses his mother's brows and his father's bone structure, giving him a slightly foreign look.

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