Kano Tabrak
Vital statistics
Position Liutenant
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'6
Weight 265 lbs

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Kano desires peace. It is strange for a man of his raw combat ability to be so, but his chief passions in life are learning and love, not combat and victory. Despite his massive stature, he feels most insecure when among intellectuals, for he fears that noone takes his educated opinion seriously due to his size. This occasionally leads him to overcompensate, but recent events and association with his real brother Velo Tabrak have led him to be more outspoken and less compensatory.

Kano greatly enjoys the company of many beautiful women, but is willing to devote himself to just one. He is surprisingly lonely, and craves being around close friends, particularly Tasi. He is noble, good-humored, gentlemanly and cares for his possessions. He is also savvy, enjoys saving and making money, and is quick to laugh and latch on to what he thinks is a good idea.

Abilities Edit

Kano is a thoroughly trained soldier with an intricate grasp of battlefield tactics. He is proficient to some degree with all ordinary weapons, but his preferred weapons are the mace and chain and bow.

Kano is a cunning strategist particularly noted for his positional genius and mid-battle command. As an avid researcher, Kano also possesses a functional knowledge of engineering, biology and chemistry, making him an invaluable aid in investigation and repairs, respectively.

Physically, Kano is arguably the strongest non-Talent boosted man alive, even at the tender age of 20. He can bend swords with his bare hands, throw massive stones, and his bow is almost impossible to string, even for several men. He possesses extreme skill with a mace and chain and frequently fights with a medium size shield with a spike in the middle as he can impale people without warning.

Talent Edit

Kano is a telepath, giving him the ability to communicate with other's minds. However, unlike many other telepaths, he can only do so with direct contact, though once he does achieve that he is able to gain some level of control over the person's senses.

In a manner that is not explained, Kano gains the ability to strike someone with his mace and chain and gain access to the victim's mind for an instant, which delivers a devastating aftershock-the equivalent of feeling the blow twice. Though it does not inflict any further physical harm, the pain is often enough to knock out strong men, even when blocked by a shield.

Attributes Edit

Kano is one of the most distinctive physical presences in the world. Standing a colossal 6'6, with a muscle-bound stocky frame, his sheer size makes people behave differently and colors relationships.

He has medium tone skin, a straight defined nose and straight black hair, prominent cheek bones and a rounded face with a well-defined triangular jaw. He is considered by many to be supremely handsome.

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