Khalid Marmontel
Vital statistics
Position None
Age 29
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 176 lbs

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A former colonel in his family's army, Khalid has basic soldier training and is adept at using his hands. He is trained in the use of a short sword and is an extremely capable horseman. In addition, his time on Akh-al-Sandaram has granted him natural muscle, resistance to weather and pain, as well as a measure of increased strength beyond his youthful looks.

Talent Edit

Khalid was granted immortality as a result of his time on Akh-al-Sandaram. His body does not age with his mind, and he possesses incredible regeneration powers. When struck by a non-fatal blow, he is typically capable of healing himself instantaneously; for more grievous or fatal wounds, he goes catatonic and is paralyzed while his body heals itself. It is unknown what happens when bisected. A side effect of the immortality is an inability to age: Khalid appears 19, though he is closer to 30.

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Before Edit

Khalid has a similar appearance to a Portuguese man, with high cheekbones, an athletic build, medium tone skin and a well-formed nose. He is short, standing around 5'8, and slim.

After Edit

Khalid's appearance changes massively on the island. He acquires dark skin, comparable to a Filipino's, unkempt facial hair and all excess fat is gone. Though his face is that of a 19-year old boy, he has a full beard, which he later trims. His eyes become more slitted and his forehead less pronounced, his back straighter and muscles hardened, and his hair curls in the salt air.

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Khalid is the seventh son of the Marmontel family, an unespecially prominent family with lands to the far South of the Golden Empire. At a ceremony crowning his brother the new Lord Marmontel, he met ____, the soon-to-be betrothed to the heir to the Golden Empire, Riken Bretor. They fell in love, and Khalid courted her in secret, traveling to the capital multiple times. However, while visiting her in disguise, he was captured and imprisoned. While his brother secured his liberation, he was given a stern warning and told never to return. In open defiance, he visited ____ again, this time consummating their love. While escaping from the grounds, he was discovered, and imprisoned in Ver'em, the worst of the Empire's prisons, and watched powerlessly as the betrothal of Riken and ____ was declared.

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