Loell Korvasr
Vital statistics
Position Lord
Age 57
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'3"
Weight 126 lbs

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Loell is the head of the Korvasr family, an exceedingly rich and storied family controlling the lucrative mines of Old Ironsides, a mountain.

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Loell is verifiably, testifiably, admittedly insane. Strangely he can hold himself in a fight, especially when drunk.

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Fairly short with a slender build. He has medium-length curly hair. He is never found without a hat on his head. On his left hip, he carries a fairly large flask, and on the right, he carries the blade Glacent which his ancestors had won in a war against one of the Northern lords.

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Loell is a trained fighter and has a strange form of alcohol tolerance; instead of dulling his reflexes, it actually seems to enhance them, albeit with certain disconcerting side effects.

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Glacent is an ancient sword that is enchanted with darkness and ice, made of a particular hydrophilic heat-absorbing strain of Malandril that freezes enemies on contact. There must by malice in the heart of the one who swings the blade for the freezing spell to activate, otherwise it will only cut through the top layer of skin.

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