Russel Draech
Vital statistics
Position King
Age 45
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 215 lbs

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Russel is a family man above all else, treasuring his time with his family and protecting them at all costs. This same love makes him blind to the rift between his sons, and in particular his heir's extravagances, but his loyalty and love never wavers.

Russel is known as a hard laborer and a good man, and is one of the few Kings to be legitimately loved by his populace. Though an untrained and common-born ruler, he is fully aware of his shortcomings, and wisely leaves much of the administration of Draea in the hands of his more capable wife and son while he acts as the head of the army.

Russel is noted for his tendency to give extremely inspiring speeches and then stick his foot in his mouth diplomatically when cornered, similar to Velo Tabrak. He is willing to compromise for the greater good, is often found practicing with ordinary soldiers, and loves to bake, his former profession.

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Russel is extremely muscular and is a world-renowned spearman, and is blindingly fast despite his age. He wears a short beard and minimalistic white robes with a breast plate and/or plate skirt to most formal occasions, and bears the tan, strong teeth and thick eyebrows of his people.

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Russel is one of the preeminent warriors of his age, combining veteran skills and savvy with physical might unmatched by even those far younger than he.

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