Sir David Osyck
Vital statistics
Position Commander
Age 68
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 145 lbs

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Sir David Osyck is the Supreme Commander of the Falasea military forces, but with the Vicarus "ruling" the country he effectively acts as King, minus the title.

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David Osyck is a minor noble with no aspirations for grandeur. A longtime military hero decorated for a score of successful campaigns, his weary and neutral stance in politics unwittingly led to elevation to the highest rank of Commander during the frequent political upheaval that so dominates Falasea. He holds this position rather grudgingly, and is remarkable in his lack of ambition.

At his core, David Osyck is an old man whose stubborn, bulldog loyalty and inspiring reputation and demeanor led to his success more than any strategic or military skill. He is relatively immovable on most issues, but simultaneously takes no stance on things he ill-informed of. He is dedicated to honor and chivalry, sometimes at the expense of practicality. His friends are lifelong and his devotion to them never wavers.

He has no desire to rule and less desire for war, but will defend his country's honor with his last breath.

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David's wife _____ is a beautiful peasant woman whose status is almost always a thorn in his side. They are faithful and loving and incredibly loyal to one another, but it pains David to see his wife disregarded and mocked for her origin.

David's wife repeatedly urges him to retire, but the impact he knows it will have on his country will be catastrophic. Many ambitious younger men aspire to his rank and position, and he distrusts each and every one of them, even his own children. Falasea's neutrality and peace rest in no small part on his bullheadedness.

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