Velo Isrik Tabrak
Vital statistics
Position Captain
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'2
Weight 215 lbs

Affiliations Edit

Family Edit

Gavin, Kano, Thea~ Isrik Short

Velo is the son of Lord Gavin and Lady Thea Tabrak, and is twin to Kano Tabrak. Isrik Short is his adopted father who raised him until the age of 16.

Faction Edit

Velo was briefly a Three in the ITCU, one of their distinguished traders marked by a distinctive tri-corned hat and a knack for getting away when a particular deal sours. However, his connection to them has been largely lost in the political upheaval and nationalism sweeping the North, and it is unclear what his position in the organization is today.

Characterization Edit

Much of Velo's personality and character stem from his upbringing as a commoner, and his values and goals reflect that. He is hardworking and enjoys physical labor, and frequently makes the mistake of doing things for himself- like heading to the kitchen to wash his own dishes, or clean his own apartments. He is well-liked by the commoners and a select few nobles, and is regarded as either an amusement, an annoyance, or ignored by the rest.

Velo is a man of action, similar to Drake. However, he is noticeably more sociable than his friend, and is quite cheerful while occupied. Velo's chief enemy seems at times to be boredom, as he handles politics and arbitration quite poorly, sometimes egregiously so. He has a natural hatred of paperwork, as his reading and writing abilities are hindered by a tendency to say a different word than he means.

Velo is exceptionally loyal to his friends and manages relationships with extreme honesty, a rare trait among nobles. He treats women in general with the utmost respect, taking their opinions when they are otherwise largely marginalized. He has a strong belief in equality and disregards rank, a trait that occasionally gets him into trouble.

For quirks, Velo has poor vision and is somewhat clumsy, particularly when thinking about something else. He typically quite transparent, and can be disturbed by certain situations by identifying with them too closely. Lastly, he is a little obsessive-compulsive, but this seems to only do good.

Velo adores music and loves to play, and is known as a skilled musician. He is an admittedly poor artist, has poor organizational skills, is ambidextrous, loves to work with kids, and loves freedom.

Abilities Edit

Velo is youthful and in physically excellent condition. Though largely untrained, he is an unorthodox and proficient fighter, with emphasis on evasion and speed. While his preferred weapon is a pair of Chakram, he is also extremely proficient in the use of a quarterstaff and hand-to-hand combat.

Velo is a skilled lute player with a decent voice, and a capable dancer. He is also a very capable cook and a skilled trapper. Though a good trapper, he is a notably poor hunter, as he has little or no knowledge of a bow and arrows and is a poor spear thrower.

Velo has a natural affinity for boats and comprehensive knowledge of fishing, but patience sometimes eludes him. He is also a born negotiator with successful monetary pursuits.

Velo has an uncanny knack for learning languages, though this results in his tendency to say a word other than the one he means to say. He will oftentimes pick up an accent midway through a conversation, and is fluent enough in several languages to be mistake for a native.

Talent Edit

Velo is able to create pockets of air pressure in and around his body, with his skin being respiratory and able to control air flow. This ability, while extremely powerful, is also extremely hard to control, and Velo primarily uses it through his feet to walk through the air. He also eventually gains the skill to create a compressed-air armor around himself, though this takes much concentration and is better used for deflecting attacks than stopping them.

Velo is also capable of fully breathing through his skin without his lungs, though this is more of a side effect and not an acquired ability. However, he has a deep and all-consuming fear of suffocation-if he thinks he is being choked, despite not needing his throat to breathe, he will choke himself with his ability.

Weapon Edit

Velo's preferred weapon is a chakram, a circular blade with a handle in the middle. He typically uses them in his hands, and easily matches up with swordsmen; he is later capable of flinging them with perfect accuracy like a boomerang using his Talent.

Upon acquisition of a Malandril charkam, Velo is able to expand his chakram from the size of a dinner plate to the size of a platter, and can project air pressure in the space to make a powerful shield.

Attributes Edit

Velo is tall, standing around 6'2, with a muscle-bound but overall slim build that he works hard to maintain. Years as a trader have given him a deep tan, and he has a slightly exotic look with almond eyes, high cheekbones, a straight nose, well-defined jaw and curly black hair.

Perhaps Velo's most defining characteristic is a scar that runs diagonally across his body from his left thigh to right cheek, a remnant of a sword stroke he suffered as a kid in the Mountain Rebellion that nearly killed him. He frequently covers the scar, which is quite livid, with dirt or by other means.

Loyalties/Relationships Edit

Velo has a rough, but functioning relationship with his twin, but is very strained around Tasi, who Velo thinks has every right to resent his presence (but doesn't). Velo loves his father dearly, and has issues dealing with his mother. His best friend is Tikara, but even she has grown just a little more distant with her relationship with Kano.

Velo is a popular target for young unmarried noblewomen, as his lack of experience lead them to one of two conclusions: he will allow them great freedom to dictate his considerable political influence in his stead, or as a way to advance the status of those of lesser quality.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Velo was presumed to be stillborn due to his ability to breathe through his skin, which subsequently made it appear as if there was no breath in his lungs. His mother, proud of bloodlines and unwilling to report the tragedy to her husband, who was away at the old Queen's funeral (Turat's wife), adopted another (Tasi) and cast the babe away, who was discovered by a then-palace guard, Isrik Short. Taking him home to his wife, a sickness soon called Isrik and his wife away to a coastal city to care for his family, where Isrik's brother and wife both died. Velo, however, flourished, and grew up a fisherman and trapper used to selling pelts and negotiation.

On Velo's 6th birthday, his real grandfather the so-called Old North died, and his son, Velo's father, was to ascend to his rule. However, this was a poverty-stricken time due to the illness, and a revolt led by the Mountainer swept through the Northlands. The Mountainer was revealed to be a Southern spy giving the power-hungry South a reason to conquer the North, but not before raising an army that caught the South completely off guard on the Mountainer's death. The Mountainer was only exposed to the highest of officials, and Isrik and his son were maimed for being royalists who refused the Mountainer's call, then were caught in the royalist counterattack. Velo still carries a long scar extending from his right hip to left cheek from an abusive guard, while Isrik was more severely wounded and unable to fend for himself.

On his 16th birthday, after finally rebuilding the town that had been razed in the royalist counterattack, Velo and his best friend Tikara agree to leave town on a construction gig.

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